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Senin, 22 Mei 2017

Harga Scrubber Nilfisk Alto Scrubber 343.2 & Fungsi Scrubber

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Kami CV.STYA GUNA  Sebuah Perusahan yang Menjual , Menyawakan & Service Alat Alat General Cleaning , Seperti : Mesin Polisher Lantai, Vacum Cleaner,Blower,Extraktor Karpet  Scubber,Swipper Ride On Ride On & Jasa-Jasa General Cleaning Services serta jual alat cleaning services dengan harga murah

Kami Memberikan Garansi Selama 1 Tahun Untuk Pembelian Mesin Polisher Lantai Second.
  • Mesin Polisher Lantai
  • Vacum Cleaner                                          
  • Blower                                              
  • Extraktor Carpet                        
  • Scubber        
  • Swipper Ride On
  • Ride On dll
Kami Menjual Spare Part Cleaning Service , Seperti :
  • Spare Part Mesin Polisher Lantai
  • Jual Spare Part Vacum Cleaner
  • Jual Spare Part
  • Jual Spare Part Extraktor Karpet
  • Jual Spare Part Scrubber
  • Jual Spare Part Swipper
  • Jual Spare Part Ride On dll
untuk pemakaian sementara kami memberikan fasilitas sewa mesin Polisher lantai, vacuum cleaner, blower karpet dll, untuk harian, mingguan ataupun bulanan dan apabila ada kerusakan selama pemakaian mesin dapat di tukar dengan mesin yang lain tanpa harus menunggu mesin diperbaiki.

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 343 Compact Scrubber

Product Code : NILScrubtec 343
·         Compact and highly manoeuvrable.
·         Large capacity tanks. 
·         Brush assisted traverse. 
·         Low battery protection. 
·         Easy rear emptying through long hose. 
·         Automatic brush on/off. 
·         Break away squeegee.
·         Highly manoeuvrable walk-behind scrubber dryers – ideal for all round cleaning
SCRUBTEC 343 is extremely compact and ideal for all-round cleaning of all different kinds of floors with various brushes and pads available. It is compact, easy to transport and very user friendly. The SCRUBTEC 343 offers a high brush pressure and large tank capacity.

SCRUBTEC 343’s large 31 litre tank allows for long periods of continuous use, and thanks to the powerful brush and squeegee the SCRUBTEC 343 will leave the floor clean and dry.

Other significant advantages with the SCRUBTEC 343 are; the reliable polyethylene chassis with all integrated components, parking and transportation wheel, on-board charger, water save system, brush click on-off, Meaning SCRUBTEC is the perfect solution for all cleaning tasks.

Typical applications can be found in hospitals & health care facilities, supermarkets & shops, schools, restaurants & cafeterias, administration and state buildings, food industry, industry 

 Working Width
 430 mm
 Solution Tank
 31  L
 Recovery Tank
 31 L
 Power Supply
 240V Electric or 24V Battery
 Noise level
 71 dB
 Self Propelled

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 343.2 Compact Scrubber
Product Code : NILScrubtec 343.2
·         SCRUBTEC 343.2 is a scrubber dryer for light to medium floor cleaning tasks small warehouses, showrooms, food industries and other commercial applications, with the functionality and capabilities of a much bigger machine but still easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.
·         SCRUBTEC 343.2 offers excellent cleaning performance in a small compact size.
·         Innovative squeegee lifting system operated by foot to increase comfort.
·         Electronically controlled solution flows to save water.
·         Solution and brush on/off thanks to the ergonomic yellow switches directly on the handle.
·         It´s ideal for light to medium floor cleaning tasks, and a reliable and productive machine with excellent performance, high safety and low service costs.
·         Robust design
·         Electrical Ecofriendly water flow control
·         Double scrubbing for heavy duty cleaning tasks
·         Easy deck adjustment for full traction control
·         Quick and easy check of clean water level through the transparent hose at rear of machine
·         Squeegee lifting with convenient foot pedal
·         Large capacity tanks 31 litre
·         Rear drain hose with flow control
·         LED battery indicator
·         Automatic brush on/off
·         Safety yellow switches stops all major functions
·         Front extractable transportation wheel
 Working Width
 430 mm
 Solution Tank
 31  L
 Recovery Tank
 31 L
 Power Supply
 240V Electric or 24V Battery
 Noise level
 71 dB
 Self Propelled

 Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec 553 floor scrubber

Product Code : NILScrubtec 553
Key features:
·         53 cm brush deck
·         42 litres solution and recovery tanks 
·         Large access to recovery tank speeds up cleaning time 
·         Adjustable scrubbing pressure provides the best results under all conditions
·         Highly-productive medium-size walk-behind scrubber dryers – fast and effective
·         This exciting SCRUBTEC range offers fast cleaning, effective cleaning, and inexpensive cleaning. 
·         Highly productive, these units produce a fast return on investment and represent the best value for money in walk-behind scrubber/dryers.
Suitable for easy, efficient floor cleaning in hospitals, retail outlets, manufacturing plants, car dealers, garages, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and wherever it is important that floors be kept clean.

 Working Width
 530 mm
 Solution Tank
 42  L
 Recovery Tank
 42 L
 Power Supply
 240V Electric or 24V Battery
 Noise level
 65.8 dB
 Self Propelled
Optional on battery version

Nilfisk Alto Scrubtec R471 Ride on scrubber

Product Code : NILScrubtec R471
New from Nilfisk Alto the Scrubtec R471 ride on scrubber – replaces the Scrubtec R366
·         Super compact design makes cleaning of restricted space areas fast and easy and facilitates high speed scrubbing
·         The parabolic squeegee perfectly covers the scrubbing track without leaving traces.
·         Close to edge cleaning reduces secondary operations
·         Provides best traction in double scrubbing and ramp cleaning.
·         Leaves floor dry thanks to the “Magic deck” and reduces slip/fall hazards
·         Low noise mode makes daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise-sensitive areas viable (60 dBA)
·         Patented automatic speed control that significantly increases operator safety
·         4 different scrubbing speeds
·         Solution level indicator with hour meter
·         Ergonomic with a easy to understand control panel
·         Automatic brush and solution on and off in neutral
·         Adjustable brush pressure
·         Ergonomic seat and steering wheel.
·         Ergonomic and low placed inclined foot platform: easy driver access from both sides of the machine.
·         Robust and extremely versatile machine suitable for many different application areas

Working Width
 710 mm
 Solution Tank
 80 L
 Recovery Tank
 80 L
 Power Supply
 24V Battery
 Noise level
 60 dB

Nilfisk Alto BR1100 Ride on scrubber

Product Code : NILBR100
The Nilfisk BR 1100S scrubber/dryer has the most scrub options of any machine in the class. To meet your cleaning needs, disc or cylindrical interchangeable scrub decks are available in 1000 or 1300 mm. With the cylindrical model, side brooms eliminate manual sweeping along racks and walls.

·         Heavy duty machine suitable for commercial or industrial applications.
·         The squeegee system provides 100% water pick up on tight turns, leaving the floors clean, dry and safe for traffic. 
·         The new innovative Ecoflex system keeps the consumption under control, but it also guarantees the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning tasks; green meets clean. 
·         With the large scrub deck, Ecoflex, the 265 l solution tank and a working speed of 9 km/h, you get profitable use of your time.
·         Ecoflex system: complete consumption control without any compromise with cleaning performance
·         High productivity: 1 m scrubbing path, 265 liters capacity and high working speed
·         Tilt steering wheel and “OneTouch” control panel offers good ergonomics and ease of use
·         Traction control to adjust traction to working conditions, dual disc brakes and perfect vacuuming
·         Heavy duty cylindrical and disc decks, wide variety of scrub brushes, optional dual side brooms (cylindrical model), to sweep, scrub and dry all floors. 

 Working Width
 1000 mm
 Solution Tank
 265 L
 Recovery Tank
265 L
 Power Supply
 36V Battery
 Noise level
72 dB

Nilfisk Alto Clarke Focus II large scrubber

Product Code : NILFocusII
The Focus® II large walk-behind autoscrubber® has the right combination of capacity, cleaning path, runtime, and rugged durability desired by contractor, rental companies and industrial facilities.
·         With 114 L solution capacity and a 34 inch (86 cm) scrub path you will be able to tackle the largest jobs quickly and efficiently. 
·         The 36 Volt power plant means longer run times for cleaning large areas and it delivers the scrubbing power often needed in large facilities. 
·         Up to 113 kg of down pressure delivers deep and thorough one pass cleaning.
·          Large battery pack for long run time
·         Onboard charger
·         34 inch (86cm) scrub path delivers productivity
·         250 LBS of down pressure for heavy cleaning
·         114L gallon tanks for long run time per tank
·         Up to 100 minutes of continuous scrubbing per tankful
·         Removable nose cone and skirts for quick and easy maintenance

 Working Width
860 mm
 Solution Tank
 114  L
 Recovery Tank
 114 L
 Power Supply
 36V Battery
 Noise level
 69 dB
 Self Propelled

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